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Item Code: ER22

Nitrile/PVC Closed Cell Foam

ER22 NBR/PVC Closed Cell Foam Available in rolls or sheets it is an excellent thermal insulator (sealing) material. Also available with a self adhesive backing for ease of application

  • Material Profile: see below
  • Thickness: 6mm to 25mm
  • Sheet Size: 1.0m wide in 8m, 10m, 14m, 20m and 30m rolls
  • Finish: Smooth finish
  • Cutting: Standard press-tools

Technical Data

Stock Roll Sizes [m x m x mm]Weight [kg/M2]
6mm x 1000mm x 30m Skin
9mm x 1000mm x 20m Skin
13mm x 1000mm x 14m Skin
15mm x 1000mm x 10m Skin
19mm x 1000mm x 20m Skin
25mm x 1000mm x 8m Skin
Specifications CompoundValues [typical]
Colour: Black
Compound: NBR/PVC
Density [specific gravity]: 1.5
Thermal conductivity (mean te BS 874 Part 2 1986 @ +20°C: 0.037W/(m.K)
Water vapour permeability Moisture Resistance factor:: µ>5,000
(BS 4370 Part 2 1973): 13/µgm/(N.h)
Minimum Temperature: -150°C
Maximum temperature: +116°C
Water Absorption: (by volume after 28 days) : 0.9% average
Fire performance: BS 476 Part 7 1987: Class “1”
BS 476 Part 6 1989: Class “0”
Noise reduction:: Up to 30dB(A)


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