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Item Code: EP250-2

Smooth Finish / Surface Rubber Beltings

EP250/2   1500MM   2+1MM   C/E   DIN Y

Technical Data

Specifications CompoundValues [typical]
The carcass is built up of 2 fabrics of polyester warp and polyamide weft:
Tensile strength at break [N/mm]: 125
Adhesion between plies [N/mm]: 5
Thickness [mm]: 2
Elongation at 10% TS nom [&]: MAX 1.5
Top cover thickness [mm]: 2
Heat resistant, anti-static as per ISO284, SBR:
Bottom cover thickness [mm]: 1
Minimum adhesion between cover and carcass [N/mm]: 5
Top: 4.5
Bottom: 3.5
Technical data of rubber covers:
Tensile strength at break [MPa]: 15mpa
Elongation at break [%]: 400%
Abrasion resistance [mm³]: 150
Max abrasion resistance [mm³]: 150
Hardness, ±5º [ºShore A]: 65+/-5
Belt characteristics:
Belt width [mm]: 1500
Weight per metre [kg/m]: 9.38
Total thickness [mm]: 5
Roll length [m]: 50
Roll diameter [m]: 0.55
Roll weight [kg]: 469


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