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Item Code: SM675

Raised Ridge Moulded Rubber Ramp Mats

SM675 Raised Ridge Moulded Rubber Ramp Mats is a specifically designed non slip matting for horse box, cattle and animal transporter ramps. Produced from high quality rubber with a fluted pattern base and high raised solid strips, placed at approximate 250mm intervals to enable walking safely up inclined ramps. Available in a sheet size to fit most standard ramps.

  • Excellent non slip characteristics
  • Large sheet size
  • Unique dual ridged pattern
  • Good durability & resilience
  • Attractive finish and appearance
  • Low maintenance

Technical Data

Stock Roll Sizes [m x m x mm]Weight [kg/M2]
2.4m x 1.22m x 8/27mm 10.92
Specifications CompoundValues [typical]
Colour: Black
Compound:: SBR/NR
Hardness Shore (Term): 60°
Density (S.G.): 1.45
Tensile Strength (Kg/cm2): 30
Elongation at break (%): 250
Abrasion Resistance [mm³]: 200
Minimum Temperture: -20°C
Maximum Temperture: +70°C
Slip Resistance (Term): Good
Polymer Content (%): NR Blend


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