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Item Code: EF240

Impregnated Polyurethane Accoustic Foam

EF240 Impregnated Polyurethane Acoustic Foam is a flexible open cell material offering durability and excellent sound absorbing

The material is chemically inert, non-dusting and, due to its flexibility, is easily applied to curved surfaces or deformed to fit complex shapes.
The product has the additional benefit of being exceptionally fire resistive, meeting the requirements of Class ‘O’ to Building Regulations.

N.B. All Metroseal sheeting can be supplied plain or with self adhesive backed tape (SAB). Rubber Strip to bespoke sizes are available along with customised sheets/gaskets. Please email your enquiry details to sales@metroseal.co.uk

Sound Absorption Coefficients available on request

  • Material Profile: see below
  • Thickness: 0.5mm to 50mm
  • Sheet Size: 1.0m x 2.0m can be joined into rolls
  • Finish: Smooth finish
  • Cutting: Standard press-tools

Technical Data

Stock Roll Sizes [m x m x mm]Weight [kg/M2]
6mm x 1000mm x 2m Skin
10mm x 1000mm x 2m Skin
12mm x 1000mm x 2m Skin
15mm x 1000mm x 2m Skin
20mm x 1000mm x 2m Skin
25mm x 1000mm x 2m Skin
50mm x 1000mm x 2m
Specifications CompoundValues [typical]
Colour: Black
Compound: Impregnated Polyurethane
Density [specific gravity] kg/m³: 80 - 90
Thermal conductivity (mean te BS 874 Part 2 1986 @ +20°C: 0.052W/(m.K)
Minimum Temperature: -30°C
Maximum temperature: +100°C
Fire performance: BS 476 Part 7 1987: Class “1”
BS 476 Part 6 1989: I<12, I(1) Class O to building regulations


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