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You are able to browse for Matting, Sheeting and Extrusion products and the rest of our range by selecting a product type from the list on the bottom left.

Product Quick Find: Firstly, select Matting, Sheeting or Extrusions. At this point you will see the number of products available which will update as you add to your search. So if you had chosen Sheeting and then Neoprene, it will now show how many neoprene sheet items we offer. You will also see that you can enter other searches like thickness etc which will narrow you search further.

Please note once you have selected the product type, i.e. sheeting, the other search boxes are optional, please click search at any stage. It does help to narrow your search though, i.e. if you know you want 6mm Neoprene in a hardness of 40 Shore, it will only show you the relevant product/s. Once your results are displayed, click the picture for details and the PDF symbol for a data sheet. The same applies if you use the method below.


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